Learn How to make Money with Online Surveys.

Are you looking to make some extra money? Yes, you can really make a few extra dollars with taking FREE Online Surveys. I Have. I have received paypal payments, checks in the mail, and free products to try. However, you will not get rich quick, be able to retire or quit your day job. But you CAN make some extra money for your time and opinion taking surveys.

Here you will find a FREE list of my favorite online survey sites, a bit of helpful information on each site, how to get started, and some helpful hints and tips. I have spent hours on the internet researching different online survey websites, reviews of them and I have taken the surveys myself. Let some of my hard work pay off for you. I, too have been there, trying to make some extra money and not sure where to start. Been frustrated over survey sites that don't pay for surveys. Are scams, or that were only for entries into drawings, to sites that were basically "Get Paid To" sites requiring a credit card and so forth. I generally do not like the get paid to sites. They often times require a credit card for participation. I will not list a site here if it charges for participation or in any way requires you to pay. A legitimate survey company will never ask you for money.

Ok, by now you probably have a few questions:

So you ask, what is a survey?
Surveys are a widely used method for companies seeking consumer information. They will pay a survey company to compile statistics and for market research, usually in the form of a questionnaire. And in turn, the survey company pays you the consumer for your time and input. That simple. Also, some companies do offer focus groups and product testing.

How does one get started taking surveys?
Pretty simple in fact. Just sign up with the survey companies listed here. You'll fill out a registration form on the Survey Company website. On some sites you'll also fill out a personal or member profile. When they have a survey that fits you they will send an email to you with the details of a survey they have. The email usually has the length of time of the survey, a link to the actual survey and compensation details. Also, some of the sites you will want to log into daily to check for surveys.

How will I get compensated?
Depends on the company and their individual policy. Some have points you redeem for cash, some pay by check or pay pal. Also, some companies require a minimum pay out and others pay by survey. I will not list if it is a drawing or prize only website.

How many surveys will I receive?
Demographics do play a part in how many survey invitations you receive, but generally a few a month from each company. Don't get discouraged if you don't receive any surveys right away. The more sites you sign up with, the more online surveys you will receive.

How do I get started?
Easy, just go to the free list of the legitimate Survey companies below and start signing up now with as many survey companies as you can. Be sure to read my Helpful Hints section as well.

List of the top Legitimate Online Survey Company Websites that really do Pay.

ACOP - American Comsumer Opinion Panel:

One of the best survey sites around! They pay you by check for every survey you complete. Send survey invitations by email. Do the 'Screener surveys" they send.

Pays by check, no minimum amount to request check. Offers referrals. Sends survey invitations by email.

Pays by check, Points based. 1 Market point = 5 cents, can redeem when you reach 1000 points. Sends emails for survey invitations. Earn points for referrals. Generally their surveys pay pretty high.

Pays by check, Points based. 10 Opinion points=$1.00, Need 50 points to redeem. Sends email invites and can log in to Member area to check for current surveys.

Pays Per survey with paypal. No minimums for payout. Sends email when they have a survey.

Pays by check, Points based. 1000 Points=$10.oo ~ Points can be used for cash or prizes. Must have 1000 points to cash out. Sends surveys in email or can log in to check for surveys. Also, every time you log in to check for surveys you will be automatically entered to win $10,ooo.

Sends survey invitations by email. Has an instant win game after surveys.

MyOpinionNow: Uses Reward Points. 2000 points = $20.00 cash. Need 2000 minimum for payout. Can also use points for prizes. Sends email for surveys.

Surveys are sent by email. Uses Point system. 100 Points=$1.00
Redeem cash by check when you reach $10.00 (1000 points)
Their surveys fill up exceptionally fast, so take them as soon as you get them. The nice thing with this company is that you do get some points even if you don't qualify for a survey with them.


New Site now added to the free List of Legitmate Paying survey company Websites.   They send survey invitations by email.  Earn Reward Points for cash or prizes.   2000 points = $20.00, which is the minimum payout.  They also have a refer a friend program.  

Check them out today and sign up here:

HCD Surveys Consumer Research Panel

New Survey Site added to the list 7/11/08

HCD Surveys Consumer Research Panel

Be sure to do their surveys as soon as you get them as they fill up fast.

List of Survey Sites that don't pay.

There are some Survey Websites out there, that in my opinion aren't so great.
So here is a list of some of the Survey Companies that I do not use and the reason why I do NOT use them.

ZoomPanel: you can only earn merchandise.
Vindale: have to pay to take surveys
Viva Research: asked for credit card
Ipsos: only get entered into drawings.
NPDOR: drawing only
test spin: only amazon.com gifts
I will continually research the survey companies and add to my list of good and bad companies, so Please Bookmark this page and check back. Also, if you would like to add to my lists, please add a comment.

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